Or, "Thinking back 15 years, can you remember how the community reacted to...?". You'll need to persuade allies to join your cause by presenting them with facts that they won't be able to ignore or refute 3 Members of your group chat with members of the community, either face-to-face or by telephone. Understanding what it is like to be transgender can be hard, especially if you have never met a transgender person. What to Know If/When Reporting a Sexual Assault. Prosci Change Management Certification Program. For example, do you want to know whether a strategy you are considering is likely to win the support of the general public or their undying resentment? I want to take it again”, “It was an excellent, excellent course! In addition, many reference librarians are born to surf. Lottenborgvej 24B, These articles can be valuable in giving you background information--but keep in mind that, although it's not terribly common, incorrect (or outdated) information does occasionally find its way into print. How much is there? September 30, 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT: U.S. Navy Shipyards Are In Crisis: Understanding the Issue and Next Steps Understanding Abuse What is domestic violence? For example, suppose your issue involves excessive logging and its effect on the environment. Chief Illiniwek: Understanding the Issues To some, Chief Illiniwek is an honored symbol of the University of Illinois which should be preserved. In certain cases, these might not be accurate, or might give a different slant to the research than the one you need. That's great, but before you face the world in a big-time (or even small-time) advocacy campaign, you will need to be armed with quite a lot of extra knowledge about the background of your issue, as well as the way it affects your community. Interactive and challenging”, Gitte Nørgaard – Københavns Lufthavne A/S, “Combining learning, food and service at very high level. The Community Tool Box is a service of the. Start with the web pages of national or state organizations devoted to your topic; you can feel confident that these will be accurate and up-to-date. (2nd ed.). Helping health workers learn. Fun! The Importance of Understanding the Issues July 26, 2017 Barry Segal, Founder of Segal Family Foundation & Focus for Health. (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) is an online book that provides the principles for community engagement. Stanford, CA: Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. City Hall, or other government agencies, such as school boards, may have archival records that tell you what you want to know. Our ultimate goal is to pass the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution that will ensure the protection of parental rights for all Americans as a fundamental right. The University of Michigan defines domestic violence as follows: Domestic violence occurs when a person uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, stalking, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or economic abuse to control another partner in a relationship. Child sexual abuse takes many forms, and they aren’t just physical. There is no doubt that you must know the facts about your issue - in fact, you can't operate without them. A tool called an “A3” is often supports this approach, which is why understanding the current situation before implementing solutions is often … Together with our customers we make sure we understand the issue. Since this is the first post in the series, we'll start with the beginning of the problem-solving process: understanding the problem. To be on the safe side, verify what you learn with two or three independent sources. Other parts of the Tool Box deal with the collection of facts and statistics. Or you might find valuable information from special reports issued by groups such as public interest groups, business organizations, social services, and others that release information to the public. Under this Act you can obtain information about federal government agencies. Many libraries will also be able to produce the back copies of the magazines. “Very good! And if there are gaps in what you need to know, you may find that you can fill them best by asking questions. The information is designed to help professionals understand the emotional, mental, and behavioral impact of early abuse and neglect in children … You probably also know something about its history, and what brought the situation about. Understanding definition is - a mental grasp : comprehension. The ballot question would put a sales tax dedicated to highway improvements permanently in the state constitution. Whether or not the community is defined geographically, it still has a geographic context -- a setting that it exists in. ?" Prior to the final integration of two companies, heaps of confidential information are planned strategically. Your contribution can help change lives. ... even if you feel other perspectives are harmful and perpetuate hateful ideals that you can't even try to understand on a personal level. Reducing food loss and waste advances a number of global objectives. If your issue is health care for the poor, you may need to have a reasonable knowledge of a great many fields, including information about the economics of health care systems, the effect of medical neglect on poor families, and state and federal policies as they affect the indigent. They can guide you to reliable sites on the Web where you can get what you need. Set up a time to go and chat with people who are identified by members of the community as leaders. At the time, Britain was at war with the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled Iraq since the 16th century. What are the social costs of the issue, and who bears these costs? Another possible source to find information is through the Freedom of Information Act. At the Federal Level. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press. Requests for information cannot be made to schools, state or local governments, and private businesses, organizations, or individual records. Understanding the road to Issue #1 in Arkansas ahead of 2020 elections. You'll know what strategic style is likely to work best, whether you're going to run an "in your face" type of initiative, or act behind the scenes, or something in between. (1994). Conversely, the more we understand the problem, the more likely we understand the root cause and can create countermeasures so the problem won’t recur. In the mid-19th century, the United States began to implement systemic changes that shifted the articulation of homelessness. There may be some information that you just can't get from written sources, whether paper or electronic. There is one caveat: most research from focus groups can't be used to "prove" anything. There are various techniques you can use, including: You may get useful information from any of these methods, though the return rate on written surveys is usually very low and they're very expensive. M&A: Cultural analysis as foundation for integration of acquired company. A large number of Americans are impacted by restrictions based on having a criminal record. When and if the dispute becomes public - as you may want it to do - you will have the answers. When someone presents you with a problem, it can be tempting to dive right in and start solving. Survivors of sexual assault have options in deciding how they want to proceed after an assault. For instance, reference librarians often have an excellent knowledge of the community and where its archives or other background facts may be found. Yearbooks are more specialized. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By Ben McClure. Here are some suggestions for extracting the information you need from people in your community. Across the United States and Canada Native Women and girls are being taken or murdered at an unrelenting rate. How to use understanding in a sentence. Tactics and techniques of community practice. Male depression is a serious medical condition, but many men try to ignore it or refuse treatment. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. One thing that you can learn from other groups is their process--the way they went about their own research. The History of Hong Kong Hong Kong was occupied by the British army and then subsequently ceded to England as a colony as a result of the Opium Wars in the mid-19th century. If a reporter asks you for a reaction, or shoves a microphone in your face, you will be sure of your facts. Principles of Community Change, Second Edition (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) is an online book that provides the principles for community engagement. To understand the potential risks or benefits of a medical treatment or behavior change, it helps to focus on a math concept called “absolute risk.” Absolute risk is the chance of something happening, such as a health problem that might arise over a period of time. Television and radio may not keep archives systematically, but if there's a reporter or researcher on staff who's been around for many years, he or she might be glad to give you some guidance. What resources will we need to address this issue? ), you'll want to keep a couple of things in mind. Your group should be somewhat knowledgeable about wildlife, watersheds, water quality, effects of logging on fish, the life-cycle of trees, the economics of the industry, the forestry regulations, and so on. Understanding the Issues. Understanding the issue. Palo Alto, CA: The Hesperian Foundation. With research, you'll know better what needs to be done to correct a situation. The Internet is not monitored, so the information you find may be outdated or even completely incorrect. This is done by following prosci that is an internationally established and proven change management method that we have worked with for than a decade. Show the Expense Report ID, Print button and download button on the Expense Report page. This is done by following prosci that is an internationally established and proven change management method that we have worked with for than a decade. . Lyngby, About us The bottom line is that before you proceed with the specific planning steps in the rest of this chapter, you will need a nice, solid, comforting layer of knowledge on which to base your plans. Werner, D., & Bower, B. Get heaping discounts to books you love delivered straight to your inbox. We identify training and communication needs for the change to be successful. Updated May 21, 2019. Just remember that you probably can't quote facts and figures gathered in these surveys unless: For example, if your group claims that "90% of the people in this town support us," and it turns out you only telephoned your friends, or only talked to people in coffee shops, this will be easy for the opposition to dismiss--and they are unlikely to take your statistical claims seriously in future. For example, suppose a group in a neighboring community had a problem with a major industry dumping untreated waste into the river. What are the economic benefits of the issue, and who benefits? The Chamber of Commerce may be a good place to start. In many cases, background research might already have been done by national advocacy groups, such as the Children's Defense Fund or the Sierra Club. Up Down. This way of gathering information is something like doing focus groups one on one. Altman, D., Balcazar, F., Fawcett, S., Seekins, T., & Young, J. Overview: Getting an Advocacy Campaign Off the Ground, Section 6. You may be able to gather useful information about community knowledge and attitudes by reaching a sample of the residents, if your sample is big enough, and if it is really representative. Understanding Rights Issues. 2. We assess what the change is about, who is impacted and how to implement the change successfully. Remember that these leaders may be important to you later in the campaign, so be careful to keep them on your side! Child sexual abuse is one of the most prevalent public health issues facing society today. In the United States, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions has held steady since 1990–even though our economy and our population has grown. Up Down. Typically we start off with understanding the nature and the context of the change in close collaboration with our customers. Itasca: F. E. Peacock Publishers, Inc. Legator, M., Harper, B., &  Scott, M. (1985). Food loss and waste refers to food that is not eaten by people, for whatever reason. Home Understand the Issue. Together with our customers we make sure we understand the issue. For example, The Municipal Yearbook and The County Yearbook are both published by the International City Management Association. Some of the research methods that you use to gather background information may also be excellent for filling in the local angle. All Rights Reserved. In the Catholic Church there is no divorce, but it is possible to annul a marriage. Join us in building a stronger faith-based movement for peace, justice, equality and inclusivity. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Male depression: Understanding the issues. One of the most useful is Facts on File. Understand the Issues It's important to be an informed voter, so you can choose the best candidate that aligns most closely with your values. Mobilising an organisation’s employees to act in compliance with EU’s new regulation on handling personal data requires a focused change management effort. Best course ever!”, “Very good course! Major newspapers often publish "indexes" which you can use to dig up stories from the archive, which the library may keep on microfiche or microfilm. Analysis of the underlying reason behind a negative trend in the employee engagement survey to identify necessary counter actions. We assess what the change is about, who is impacted and how to implement the change successfully. You probably already have a good idea about why your issue is important. These people don't have to be elected officials or people in power, but they should be respected and have influence. Encouraging Involvement of Potential Opponents as Well as Allies, Section 7. For example, start with Fed World and it will lead you to dozens of Federal agencies and their oceans of data. Surveys of events are compiled by various organizations. 3. While the Internet is full of good information, (for example, you found us! What are the barriers to addressing this issue? Understanding the Issue tonyollivier 154 views 11 comments 1 point Most recent by Rachael Hopkins November 4 Ideas. To understand the longstanding feud that keeps Hongkongers and mainland Chinese from getting along, you need to first understand the basics of Hong Kong’s modern history. Mondross, J., & Wilson, S. (1994). We invite you to explore the breadth and depth of the UCC's justice work. You will probably need two main types of information: Getting accurate background information may be heavy lifting; you, or others in your group, may need to become experts in the field, or find existing experts to join or advise your group. Understand the Issue. This may be about an outside agency or about your own. Annual publications such as The World Almanac and Book of Facts, published by the Newspaper Enterprise Association may produce information you need. We identify impacted stakeholders and relevant sponsors for the change. We’ll feature a different book each week and share exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. However, you'll need to be careful about taking over facts and figures prepared by other organizations. Developing a Plan for Advocacy, Center for Community Health and Development, You'll need to have arguments at your fingertips that can convince your members that the issue is important and keep them fired up, You'll need to persuade allies to join your cause by presenting them with facts that they won't be able to ignore or refute, You'll need to know why your opponents are taking the side they take, and what financial or other interests they may have in continuing to take that side. Understanding the Issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. When it comes to these issues that you feel passionate about, if you want to be taken seriously you need to be informed on both sides of the issue, or the gray area in-between if relevant. 2800 Kgs. It will have many current subscriptions and back numbers of major newspapers, magazines, etc.. Special reports published by periodicals can be a valuable resource for information about the background of your issue. The creation of a change management strategy, adapted to the unique challenges the project might encounter when digitalising processes across multiple different institutions in the public sector, based on a thorough pre-analysis. Eight important questions to understand the issue of divorce in the Coptic Church: Does Christianity allow for divorce? You'll be ready with facts any time you are challenged by your opponent, by the establishment (such as City Hall), or by the media, Because you'll thoroughly understand the status quo from the beginning of your campaign, you will be able to plan your progress logically and, at the end, know just how far you have come, You'll need to know how people feel about the issue, and what they believe, You'll need to know how the issue links or divides different segments of the community, You'll need to understand who is pulling the strings to make your opponents take the line they do, You'll need to know what forces might be at work in the local political scene to make officials drag their feet - or even jump in to oppose you, You might need to know what it will take to make people give up the old way of doing things and try something else, You might need to know the belief systems of people who oppose you on ideological grounds. You may find valuable information about the origins of the problem you face. Posted in Customer Stories, Understanding the issue. An analysis of organisational culture mapped cohesion and differences across a global organisation and identified how the culture both authenticated and antagonised the company values. Lawmakers are asking voters to decide on a change to the way ballot measures make it … A business unit had no standardised process or tools for implementing the people side of their implementation projects and asked for a framework that was adaptable for all their projects. All this is put into the overall change management plan. What is food loss and waste? But you will need much more than a basis if you are to be a successful advocate: What is the economic impact of the issue? The Tool Box needs your help Learn more. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor are three useful ones. Cox, F., Ehrlich, J., Rothman, J., & Tropman, J. For example, court records and real estate records may be loaded with information about past difficulties of opponents, the history of zoning decisions, and so on. Palo Alto, CA: The Hesperian Foundation. This will lead you to the names and dates of articles on your issue that have appeared in magazines in recent years. Our work is rooted in the teachings of scripture and the policies of our General Synod. Remember that many local papers now have websites which are often stuffed with archival material. Getting a clear sense of this setting may be key to a full understanding of it. Analysis of both organisations in an acquisition should ensure a holistic and smoother integration process. Denne hjemmeside anvender cookies til statistik og indstillinger. (Again, librarians might know where to look.). There are millions … school board members, school principals), Intercept surveys (stopping people on the street), Telephone surveys (with numbers picked at random), Written surveys (sent to a sample picked at random), You are very professional about the way that the sample is chosen, You are very professional about the way the questions are worded, The results are carefully coded and analyzed, To "go fishing" for ideas and reactions from a fairly typical bunch of people. The matter of divorce is according to the faith and doctrine of each church. Posted in Understanding the Issues Tagged abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual violence awareness. [3] As scientific evidence abou… Job You can find out what sources of information they used and what roadblocks they encountered in their efforts to remedy the situation. If you have a local newspaper, try the clippings file. Interviewers follow a check-list of points you want covered in the course of the conversation, and questions you'd like answered, but you can also afford to let the conversation wander - and that can often produce some good insights into the issue. (Eds.). Now, a similar problem seems to be developing with a pet-food processing plant in your community. Yet, in spite of the evidence at hand, climate change remains the toughest, most intractable political issue we, as a society, have ever faced. Strategy #1: Understand the Problem. Skid rows were cleared in the name of urban renewal, 5 and new housing regulations (zoning, plumbing, fire codes, etc.) Read up on the issues you care about, and take action to … Understanding the Issue KGR 1 view 2 comments 2 points Most recent by Ted Harris November 3 Ideas. You might want to use something similar to this form to get started: You will need very specific information about the issue as it affects your community in order to plan your campaign and push the right buttons. Understanding the community entails understanding it in a number of ways. This research guide was put together by VSO International based on their own experiences of low-cost, non-academic professional research.
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